Kent Street Apparel is a small and independent gentlemen’s apparel shop.

We work hard to curate a style that is: classic, timeless, and forward thinking.

Our purpose is to charm and to inspire.

Kent Street Apparel is based in Vancouver, Canada.
Our Name

On October 20th, 1847 Henry Wain left port in Kent, England on the Norman Morison ship. After a five month journey around Cape Horn Mr. Wain arrived in Victoria, Canada -- ready to start a new life as a carpenter.

As an early settler and tradesman he helped build schools, hospitals and the iconic bastion on Nanaimo’s waterfront. He learned
Kwak̓wala, the local language of the indigenous first nation people. In 1850 he returned to England to marry the love of his life, Sarah. Together, they returned to Vancouver Island in 1851 to start a family.

I named the company Kent Street after the county in England where my Great-Great-Great-Great grandfather came from. 

Glyn Lewis
Founder & Shopkeeper
Kent Street Apparel