• Red Merde Il Pleut (shit it’s raining) open umbrella
  • RedMerde Il Pleut (shit it’s raining) closed umbrella

MERDE IL PLEUT Unisex Umbrella - Red

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The cheeky and colourful MERDE IL PLEUT (shit it’s raining) umbrella is guaranteed to help brighten a rainy day. It’s also built to endure the elements. The strong wood handle, wood shaft, ferrule, and wooden tips help prevent wind damage.

  • Material: 65% polyester 35% cotton
  • Dimensions: 48" arc when open, 35" long when closed
  • Features one panel print that reads "Merde Il Pleut"

Ships worldwide every Friday from Vancouver, Canada.

Live in Vancouver? Want to skip the shipping? You can pick one up now at our exclusive partner: 

The Garden Strathcona.

Feedback From Other Patrons:

The best umbrella I've ever had. Sturdy, stylish, good coverage, and repels the water. The hooked handle and metal tip on the top bring a unique touch of class. I purchased them as Christmas gifts for a couple of important ladies in my life and ended up liking it so much I bought my own. I'm a big fan! 

Jeff Leyland (Vancouver, Canada)

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