#VeloDate - Romania (@mihailonaca)

Posted: Jun 11 2015

If you only had one day in your city to help someone fall in love with you, where would you take them? Who would you introduce them to? What would you want them to experience? 

As part of our global and summer long #VeloDate project we asked Mihail Onaca from Cluj-Napoca, Romania to share with us what that one special day would look and feel like for him.

Here is Mihail's lookbook.



Hide & seek.

Enjoying a little break in the old town!

Cloudy days – mmm, perfect!

Do angels ride bikes?

Free as a bird, happy as ever.

Textures & tiles.

Taking some time to walk around all those charming places in town.

Outrageously pretty peonies.

Pretzel? Yes, please!

Wine shop stop.


All is calm, everything feels just right!

The end of a truly beautiful day.

Behind The Camera

I see myself as a free spirit, in constant search of beautiful moments. I am in love with morning light. Always curious, I spend most of my time sneaking around old or abandoned places. I try to pay attention to the details and geometry of surrounding things. Coffee, long walks, travelling & having a good time are a few things that are always on top of my list.


You can join us on this #VeloDate journey by sharing your velo adventures with us on Instagram (#VeloDate & tag: @KentStreetApparel).

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