#VeloDate - Romania (@lavinia_cernau)

Posted: Jun 11 2015

If you only had one day in your city to help someone fall in love with you, where would you take them? Who would you introduce them to? What would you want them to experience? 

As part of our global and summer long #VeloDate project we asked Lavinia Cernau from Cluj-Napoca, Romania to share with us what that one special day would look and feel like for her.

Here is Lavinia's lookbook.


Start in the old town, near the quaintest bistro.

Found a perfect honeysuckle bush.

Nature complementing the Robertson velo holder.

Probably my favourite alley in the city centre.

Stumbling upon beat down, fragrant peonies.

Sun peaked out for a hot second.

Something about greens and greys going so well together.

Contemplating a list of flavoured Transylvanian wines.

Quick stop.

Old books waiting for fresh eyes.

The most gorgeous tiles paving the way to an antique shop.

We do love our lattes.

Always searching for that perfect light.

City colours and textures.

Sipping coffee under a rose-bush roof.

Cutest sniffer around.

When people match walls.

Feeding the pigeons near the lake.

Cloudy day reflections.

Behind The Camera

"Residing in Romania, Lavinia Cernău captures scenes that feel timeless and hearken to an old world aesthetic. Her images contain cobblestone pathways which seem to intertwine through rustic courtyards and cafes. Beyond the city scenes, her images of nature are sublime and enchanting.” (VSCO curators quoted by Afar Magazine).

What Inspires Lavinia About Romania?

I’m immensely drawn to the bohemian vibe of the city I call home, Cluj-Napoca, and would most of the time wander the off beaten alleys; I recently came to realize I love doing the same no matter the city I visit – I love capturing the different faces of the old town, the way the little details make it come to life. My VeloDate takes on the same path of looking deeply into the scene deploying in front of you.


You can join us on this #VeloDate journey by sharing your velo adventures with us on Instagram (#VeloDate & tag: @KentStreetApparel).

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