#VeloDate - Mexico City (@nannigabrielle)

Posted: May 20 2015

If you only had one day in your city to help someone fall in love with you, where would you take them? Who would you introduce them to? What would you want them to experience?

As part of our global and summer long #VeloDate project we asked amateur anthropologist Nanni Gabrielle (@nannigabrielle) of Mexico City to share with us what that one special day would look and feel like for her.

Here is Nanni's lookbook.


 A very early start.

 Taking some time to watch the morning come to life. 

First stop, a delicious coffee from our friends of BUNA in Taller 42.

Buying baguette and other kind of bread in Pancracia bakery for our Picnic.

 Ready to cross the city by bike.

 Maureen, on our way :-)

 Picnic in the forest of Chapultepec.

 Enjoying the day in our favourite park.

 A quiet afternoon at Havre street.

 Friends and coffee.

 Sharing is caring.

Completing a full day of meetings with friends and touring the town with a quiet reading and companionship.

Behind The Camera

I was born in Mexico City, I love to see. I consider myself a voyeuristic in a way. I like the way in which Mexico City has become so surreal. Anything can happen at the same moment, the light penetrates in a unique way.

Photography and travel, are my life. I can't imagine a life without images, I always felt attracted about cultures, you learn from other forms of life, and has always attracted me the past for the future, I like to capture it in a memory, in a moment, sometimes you have to wait a long time, for the perfect moment. 

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