#VeloDate - Mexico City (@maureenme)

Posted: May 20 2015

If you only had one day in your city to help someone fall in love with you, where would you take them? Who would you introduce them to? What would you want them to experience?

As part of our global and summer long #VeloDate project we asked fashion photographer Maureen Martinez (@maureenme) of Mexico City to share with us what that one special day would look and feel like for her.

Here is Maureen's lookbook.


 Started off a pretty good day with breakfast and coffee at "42"

You have to start the day with a proper cup of coffee right? 

We prepared ourselves for our picnic.. this means WINE.

First stop for our picnic. Getting a delicious loaf of bread. 

My personal favourite is a little place called Pancracia in Roma Norte.

Soooo good.

Biked through all the charming streets in the city.

Headed over to Bosque de Chapultepec for our picnic with wine & snacks.

Talk, talk, chill, talk.

After our lazy picnic in the sun we headed over for a drink…

…this time at coffee place El Tercer Lugar in Colonia Juarez. Carajillos anyone?

Behind The Camera

Maureen M. Evans is a 25 year old freelance lifestyle and fashion photographer based in Mexico City. She is also a knitter, food lover and enjoys picnics and a good cup of coffee (a lot).


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