#VeloDate - Vancouver (@viranlly)

Posted: May 06 2015

If you only had one day in your city to help someone fall in love with you, where would you take them? Who would you introduce them to? What would you want them to experience? 

As part of our global and summer long #VeloDate project we asked the dapper and stylish Viranlly Liemena (@viranlly) of Vancouver, Canada to share with us what that one special day would look and feel like for him.

Here is Viranlly's lookbook.


Start the day with some of the city's best coffee at Revolver.

Brunch with friends in the back alley of L'Abattoir.

Wandering Vancouver's breathtaking seawall.

Chilled white wine break in Stanley Park with the Robertson velo holder.

The summer wind, came blowin' in from across the sea.


After a bit of a break, back into Gastown for dinner & cocktails.

A handcrafted smoked boulevardier at PiDGiN

The twinkle lights on Water Street lead us home.

Behind The Camera

Viranlly is currently a merchant for Vancouver’s own Indochino. He moved to Vancouver initially to pursue his education as a chemical engineer in UBC. Throughout the years he spent in school, it became clear to him that fashion is where it’s at, well, at least for him. Style, Design, and Photography occupy the majority of his day-to-day activity. When his mind is not thinking about what suit to wear with what shirt to go where, he will be around town drinking his cortados, eating trendy food (yes, avo on toast *was* a trend), or sipping vodka martinis somewhere chic."

What Inspires Viranlly About Vancouver?

Vancouver is very interesting in a way that, you can have pretty much everything: fancy coffee shop to get your 6 dollar lattes, exquisite fashion (*sometimes*), trendy spin studios, and y’know.. pressed juice with kale in it but at the same time, there’s not enough things to do or places to go, and let’s be honest, people to meet. I salute the *effort* that this city is constantly putting to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. It’s the city where 8 out of 10 people are pushing me to be a healthier, greener human being. Let’s not forget the fact that you can literally go from sea level to sky level within a 45 minute drive - that’s pretty damn impressive, and not a lot of people get that luxury. Living in Vancouver makes me strive to find what’s next, who/what/where is in or out, and constantly updating myself. And damn right we have good sushi here.


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