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Posted: Oct 28 2014

Welcome to Kent Street Apparel.

Since this is our very first post I wanted share a bit about why I decided to start this company and what (modest) impact we hope to have in the world.

Two years ago my partner gifted me a distressed leather satchel for Christmas (the Hawks). Apparently I needed something a bit more “adult” to carry to work and to meetings. I loved it immediately. So do, apparently, lots of other people. One Sunday morning in September I was having coffee at the Wilder Snail in Vancouver’s (slightly hidden) Strathcona neighbourhood. Over the course of two hours three different strangers approached me. It felt like Dicken’s Christmas Carol, except instead of ghosts these friendly faces wanted to know where I got the satchel from.

This had happened to me umpteenth times before, but that Sunday morning was my “ah-ha” moment. I needed to start a shop and make these unique satchels readily available to the world.

Since then it’s been an all-out effort to curate a handful of products, scrape together a bit of startup money, develop a brand, register the business, and launch a website. It’s been scary, exhilarating, empowering, fascinating, stressful, and, yes, even fun. Really. I’m deeply grateful to all the friends and family who offered advice, expertise, and support -- I’ve never done this kind of thing before (start a business).

At it’s core Kent Street is about inspiring and making an impact. We carefully select items that are charming, that are timeless, and that feel authentic. We want to help men, and people who self-identify as men, look and feel like Modern Gentlemen.

This company is also about pushing the boundaries on the traditional definition of a gentleman. Our style and our brand is very much inspired by the cool, classic, playful, and hip aesthetics of the 1950s and 60s, embodied so well by the likes of JFK, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, the Rat Pack, Cary Grant, and James Dean.

While we fully embrace this timeless and sophisticated style, we also seek to reinforce modern and forward looking values, such as equality & bike culture. In the end, it’s about love and respect and making a positive difference.

We’ve put a lot of love, and care, and attention into building this small and independent shop.

I hope you find something that inspires you.


Glyn Lewis
Founder & Shopkeeper

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